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Red Sandalwood Farm Plots In Andhra pradesh

Red sandalwood farm Plots in Andhrapradesh

Green Valley

Green Valley is a unique project for Red Sandal wood Farming With its huge demand in the market. Growing Red Sandalwood is now profitable. With proper care, these trees can live for centuries and yield high-quality wood.

The average yield of Red Sandalwood from a mature tree is about 500 kilograms. Selling the wood at a high price makes Red Sandalwood farming a profitable business venture. But it’s not easy to do the Red Sandalwood farming.

Red sandalwood is a tree that grows to up to 8 meters in height. It has a dark grayish bark and a heartwood that is a rich red color. The wood is very hard and dense, and it has a strong, sweet smell.

About Red Sandalwood

Scientific name: Pterocarpus santalinus

  • Common names: Red sandalwood, red saunders, Yerra Chandanam, Chenchandanam, red sandalwood, Rakta Chandana, and saunderswood
  • Endemic to: Southern Eastern Ghats mountain range of South India
  • Conservation status: Endangered
  • Uses: Furniture, incense, carvings, musical instruments, dye, traditional medicine
Red Sandalwood Plots in Andhra Pradesh

Invest in Red Sandalwood Farm Plots: An Untapped Opportunity

Red Sandalwood planting or cultivation is an untapped opportunity for the people who are looking for huge returns in long term investment

  • Every Red Sandalwood Plants Have 9 feet distance 
  • 15 Red sandalwood plants for every 150 sq yards i.e 30 * 45 Site
  • Location will be Kanigiri, Prakasham District, Andhra Pradesh
  • Free Red Sandalwood Tree Maintenance till 15 years
  • Price for 15 plants will be 3, 50,000
  • Land Will Be Registered On Your Name As Per Government rules And Regulations

Why Red Sandalwood or Sri ghandam cultivation is untapped Oppurnitity

Red Sandalwood is an gold mine for the people in India especially for the people who live near Andhra Pradesh. As it has demand worldwide and it’s unique properties. The Best thing is JSK builders have made red sandalwood plantation and investing easy.

JSK Builders and developers have made more than 150 plus acres of farm land plots for red sandalwood cultivation in Kanigiri, Andhra Pradesh

Demand For Red Sandalwood

The demand for red sandalwood is high because of its unique properties and uses. The wood is very hard and durable, and it has a beautiful, rich color.

People use red sandalwood in traditional medicine, incense, furniture, carvings, instruments, and dye. China and Japan have a high demand for it.

These countries have a long history of using red sandalwood in traditional medicine and incense. Manufacturers also use the wood to make high-quality furniture and musical instruments.

In recent years, the demand for red sandalwood has increased in other parts of the world, such as the United States and Europe. The popularity of Asian medicine and sustainable materials has caused a problem.

People want red sandalwood so much that they are cutting down the trees illegally, which is causing deforestation. This has put the species at risk of extinction.

To protect red sandalwood, we must promote sustainable forestry and educate people about its importance. 

Interested To Invest In Red Sandal Wood Farm Plots in Andhra Pradesh Feel Free To Enquire

Some Factors To Consider

  • The unique properties of the wood. Red sandalwood is very hard and durable, and it has a beautiful, rich color. These properties make it a desirable material for a variety of applications.
  • The long history of use in traditional medicine. Red sandalwood has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat a variety of conditions. This has helped to create a demand for the wood in countries where traditional medicine is popular.
  • The increasing popularity of Asian culture. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Asian culture in the West. This has led to an increased demand for red sandalwood, which is often used in traditional Asian products.
  • The high demand for red sandalwood is a challenge to the conservation of the species. However, there are a number of things that can be done to help protect the tree, such as:
    Promoting sustainable forestry practices. This involves planting new trees and harvesting the wood in a way that does not damage the forest ecosystem.
  • Educating people about the importance of red sandalwood. This can help to raise awareness of the need to protect the tree and its habitat.
  • Enforcing laws that protect red sandalwood. This includes cracking down on illegal logging and deforestation.
    By taking these steps, we can help to ensure that red sandalwood will be around for future generations.

Investing In Red Sandalwood Farm Plots In Andhrapradesh

Investing in Red Sandalwood Farm Lands in Andhra Pradesh is a wise choice for profitable investments. Andhra Pradesh’s climate and soil support red sandalwood to grow to its potential.

Red Sandalwood farm Lands or plots investment in Kanigiri, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh can offer several benefits. Firstly, sandalwood is a high-value timber species, and its demand in the market is consistently increasing. This makes it a lucrative investment opportunity for those seeking long-term returns.

Consider location, soil, and infrastructure when purchasing red sandalwood plots. Kanigiri, Andhra Pradesh, is ideal because of its fertile soil and favorable climate for growing red sandalwood.

Furthermore, people know red sandalwood for its medicinal properties and widely use it in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The demand for red sandalwood in the Medical industry further adds to its value. 

Hyderabad and Bangalore are nearby cities to Andhra Pradesh, making transportation and market access easy. This can be advantageous for selling the harvested red sandalwood timber.

Recently Asked Questions

Can I Earn Crores with Red Sandalwood Farming?

Ans: Depends On The Mature Red Sandalwood Plant, the quality of the plant, how And where people grow it. If you invest with JSK builders, it is possible to earn They take care of the land They fertilize and water it. They grow valuable red sandalwood trees. These trees sell for a lot of money.

How Do I Start Red Sandalwood Plantation or Farming?

Ans: Red Sandalwood Plantation or Farming is Easy But Maintaining planted trees for 10 to 15 years is a difficult part. JSK Builders and Developers Maintain it For Free For you till Your red sandalwood trees are mature you just need to invest and relax.

Is it Legal to grow red sandalwood in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Yes It is Legal To Grow red sandalwood in Andhra Pradesh But We need to get some legal permissions from the government and it is a long process But if you invest in Red sandalwood farm plots in Andhrapradesh through JSK Builders and developers you don’t need to take any permission, we will take care of it.

Is it Legal To Red Sandalwood At Home ?

You cannot grow red sandalwood at home without government permission. But if you grow red sandalwood at home it is waste of time it’s because to grow red sandalwood there are so many factors you need to consider 

  • Climate
  • soil fertilization
  • irrigation
  • yerra chandanam plantation Gap and many more so it is difficult to grow at home rather than you can hire JSK Builders and developers to do that at minimal cost 


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